The Principle

The beauty of endeavour.

The stories behind: often of blood, sweat, tears and disappointment. Until…something changes: sometimes little by little, sometimes with a breakthrough, sometimes by simply accepting the tough aspects as part of the game and experiencing it all differently.

We are fascinated by the striving people, those who continue to move forward in the storm with no land in sight, those who create energy and beauty and confidence from seemingly nothing.

Our principle is to tell these stories, in order to give courage and prospect and inspiration to other strugglers out there.

Then, we cannot help having our fields of predilection. We try to be as varied in subject matters and areas as possible – but you will find a slight dominance of things connected to art, design, outdoor sports – and equestrian matters. Sorry. We are human, after all.

So, what about the Places? Well, just like people, there are places that have a certain energy and drive. In our times of intense urbanisation, it is reassuring and uplifting to find outstanding places far away from the metropoles, counterexamples of dynamism and activity that offer new life possibilities, breaking the classic city/rural clichés.

We are proud to tell these stories, too. We hope you will enjoy reading them.


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PS – another soft spot: everyday creativity…

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